Bathroom Tile Ideas

Ceramic tile allows even a small budget to make the bathroom a stylish and comfortable. Modern companies that produce tiles, use the latest technologies that can produce a product of special strength. Over collections of ceramic tile work talented designers who are thinking not only the basic pattern and color, but variations of decorative elements, which are lined with bright accents on the tile floors and walls.

If we talk about the qualitative characteristics of this popular decorative material, the tiles for the bathroom has some differences from tile to other areas hydro mousse, such as the kitchen: In the production of tiles for the bathroom, above all, take into account the factor of moisture. The ability to withstand mechanical damage to the tiles is not as important as its resistance to moisture.

It is especially important to choose a tile with a low porosity and dense as possible structure for the bathroom floor - this will help prevent unpleasant consequences from falling on its surface, even large amounts of water. On the floor is better to use not glazed (coated with a special compound, which gives the material gloss), and relief tiles, eliminating unnecessary slippage. But when you make a wall tiles for the bathroom can be anyone, including the glossy.

The color palette options and drawings deposited on the ceramic tile, capable of striking any imagination. The most popular is ceramic tile with natural materials - stone, wood, brick.

Tiles for bathroom - is the most suitable lining material. A tile is an excellent cover of the walls that protect them from moisture, chemicals and temperature fluctuations.

The bathroom tiles creates a special interior. Clean, water resistance, brilliance, color saturation, reliability - these criteria correspond to the rectangular earthenware plate coated with glaze. Bathroom tile - the most suitable material. She is strong, durable, can withstand heavy weight, will not crack from the surface contamination can be easily removed, it does not absorb liquid, can not be exposed to chemicals.

Tiles for the bathroom there is two types - floor and wall coverings. On the floor in the bathroom is recommended to put the tiles with low water absorption properties, a dense structure and minimum porosity. This tile will miss and will not allow moisture to flood its neighbors.

Bathroom glazed tiles can be used - with a special coating that gives the material color, gloss and surface water repellent, or tile, are not covered by enamel. On the floor is not recommended to put a glazed tile with a porous, raised, rough surface that will not let slip the man.

A tile in the bathroom is not only material for walls and floors, but also creates a certain atmosphere in the room, sets the tone for him, adorns the interior. Preferably, floor tiles and wall color was chosen and that the tiles in harmony, moved from a vertical flat surface. To create holistic, cozy and colorful spaces were designed decorative items such as decorations, friezes, mosaics, murals, borders.

Borders. When laying tiles in the bathroom are compounds or plinths. It is also possible to delineate a border area and separate bathroom on the area, such as washing, bathing, make room for the mirror. Borders may be sold complete with ceramic tiles or separately. Curbs put in expansion joints of wall and floor tiles, so creating a neat finished composition.

Decors and panels are able to revive the one-color background tiles in the bathroom. They are placed at a distance from each other, which makes a nice overview bathroom. Decorations are bas-relief, flat and functional, respectively - are convex, slightly elevated above the rest of the tile, smooth, with patterns and drawings, as well as with hooks, shelves and holders (functional).

Panel - this is one big tile or some small with an image of a figure. Usually a panel is a unique story and is positioned horizontally, vertically.

On the walls of glazed tiles look gorgeous, it makes more glamour and glitz. If necessary, the bathroom can be designed in a rustic style, picking up the matte tile warm natural colors.