Swedish Lapphund Temperament and Lifespan

Swedish Lapphund, or as it is called, Lapland Spitz is one of the three breeds bred in Lapland by Lapps and Sami tribes. First Swedish Lapphund served as a guard and hunting dog, later it became used as a shepherd dog as well. Dog looked after and protected the large herds of deer.

Swedish Lapphund is energetic, industrious, tireless. This dog needs freedom of action and high loads in order to maintain good physical shape. Swedish Lapphund is friendly, get along with children well. It has a lot of patience, intelligent, easily amenable to training, but it will never become a puppet. These dogs obey the owner, but they will never be completely subordinated. Since Lapland Dog is very alert, it is a beautiful guard. Swedish Lapphund is not very widespread. Today Lapphund is popular as a companion dog and domestic dog. The dogs usually live about 12-14 years.

How Much Does a Swedish Lapphund Cost and Price Range

This breed is not cheap with the range of price from $800 to $1200 depending on the breeder and the place you are buying the puppy. One more factor which influences price much is the dog quality. Be ready to pay the higher price for the show quality dog.

Swedish Lapphund Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Color of the Swedish Lapphund is black or dark brown, small white markings are permissible according to the breed standard. Height at withers of males is 45 - 50 cm, females: 40 - 45 cm. Weight is about15-20 kg. Overall impression: Medium size, square format, with rich wool Swedish Lapphund has a typical northern dog look.

Swedish Lapphund Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

According to one version Swedish Lapphund dogs are the progenitors of all of Spitz-like dogs. Among the breeders there is an opinion that the ancestors of these dogs were polar wolves, who lived in the area of northern Norway about seven thousand years ago. Whatever it was, but the nature of these small dogs is firm and independent. Swedish Lapphund is the universal dog that can run on the trail, take part in the rescue operations, hunting, as well as being a wonderful friend, helper and protector for the whole family.

Breed Swedish Lapphund exists in Sweden for many centuries, but officially it was registered only in 1944.

Swedish Lapphund is a hardy, alert, balanced, bold and confident dog. It is devoted to the master and his family and distrustful of strangers. Although small Lapphund is unlikely to be able to detain the offender, it is characterized by an innate suspicion of outsiders, courage and persistence.